Visual First Aid was a concept birthed in 2010 by Caetlyn McLean, a former disability nurse of 18 years.  Throughout her career, she had seen numerous cases of patients ending up in her care which could have been prevented. In many cases, they had been as a result of the lack of first aid knowledge given to her patients prior to their hospitalisation.

It was here she decided to use her film making skills to educate the wider community about the importance of first aid through a series of first aid video segments – in effect – assist in lightening the workload of emergency health care workers who have to deal with the aftermath of such injuries.

There has been evidence that people are more receptive to seeing demonstrations of procedures in realistic scenarios rather than just hearing about them. It is hoped that viewers of the videos will realise how important first aid can be in preventing permanent damage in the casualties and enrol in an accredited first aid course to advance their basic knowledge in the field.